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We've never had anyone say, "My kitchen is too bright!" Nowhere in the home is task lighting more critical than in the kitchen, but that's not the whole story. Ambient lighting, decorative lighting, and task lighting work in harmony to create environments that help the center of the home function flawlessly.


The lighting in the bathroom should fill many needs from task lighting to general and mood lighting.  We work with the homeowner to successfully  achieve that balance through proper placement & selection of a variety of layered lighting, including use of vanity lights, recessed lights, LED down lighting & uplighting.


A major component to making a home safe, comfortable, and inviting, is the natural addition of artificial lighting. Bright spaces during the day shouldn't become caves at night. Let us help you reimagine your interiors to make them more functional, dramatic,

and inspiring.


The right lighting will enhance the experience you have when expanding your living space outside. We take into account how you want to use the space and what is already existing when creating a lighting design. Whether you need tree lighting to illuminate dark areas of your yard, or a TV hung in an outdoor pavilion; function and beauty should always be in balance.

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